Plantations generate large volumes of wood residues which have potential to replace fossil fuel as an energy source, reducing greenhouse emissions.

Timber Queensland

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Timber Queensland’s members come from a broad range of industry backgrounds and areas of expertise.  


Our corporate members comprise of plantation growers, harvesters and haulers, sawmillers and timber wholesalers, merchants, manufacturers and fabricators. Timber Queensland works on behalf of our members to gain support of politicans, government departments, employer and environmental groups in recognising the benefits and opportunities a prosperous and growing Queensland forest and timber industry delivers to the State.

Browse a directory featuring a small selection of our members, classified by elements of the industry supply chain:



Timber Queensland’s associate members are suppliers to the forest and timber industry.  Their membership delivers information, access and exposure.

Our associate members include:

Queensland Master Builders Association
Independent Verification Services
Australian Timber Flooring Association
Accurate Group
Private Forestry Service Queensland
Forest Industries Research Centre
Verterra Ecological Engineering
Rotho Blaas Australia Pty Ltd
C02 Australia

Scribed Timber Flooring
Timber Trade Industrial Association
First Super