Products producted from Queensland forests store approximately one million tonnes of CO2 annually.

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Benefits of Timber Fact Sheets

The Benefits of Timber Fact Sheets provide information on the environmental and low carbon benefits of timber, and associated interest and uptake in using engineered timber products in mid-rise and taller commercial construction.  The fact sheets include contemporary case studies demonstrating the innovative uses of timber and its cost-effectiveness as a renewable resource.

Please feel free to download these fact sheets to include in tenders, presentation material and sales and support documentation.

Timber Queensland is appreciative for Queensland Government support in instigating and completing the production of the fact sheets.

Fact Sheet 1 - Environmental Benefits – Embodied Energy, Carbon Storage and Life Cycle Impacts

Fact Sheet 2 – Workplace and Health Benefits of Timber

Fact Sheet 3 – Sustainability Benefits – Certification Schemes

Fact Sheet 4 – Timber and Green Building Rating Systems

Fact Sheet 5 – Building benefits – Cost, Timber and Safety

Fact Sheet 6 – Emerging Timber Products

Fact Sheet 7 – National Construction Code

Fact Sheet 8 – Maintenance Benefits (Optimising the Service Life of Timber)

Fact Sheet 9 – Construction Benefits – Strength and Durability

Fact Sheet 10 – Construction Benefits - Fire

Fact Sheet 11 – Construction Benefits - Termites