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Mick Stephens
Mick has directly served the interests of the forest industries of Australia for many years and played an important part in major policy debates and contributed significantly to its successes. He is a resource economist with 25 years' experience in forestry and timber industry policy and was previously the Deputy CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association. He has held senior research and policy roles within the Australian Government and internationally, including with the Canadian Forest Service. 

Colin MacKenzie
Colin has been active in timber engineering and design for the past 30 years, especially in durability design and the development of Australian Standards and Building Codes.

Clarissa Brandt
Promoting the benefits of using timber to the media and wider community is a major focus for Clarissa, who almost 20 years of experience as a marketing and communications consultant.


Telia Pauchet
Telia manages the company financials and payroll enabling management to deliver their plans.


Sarah Porter 
Sarah provides support to both the CEO and Communications Manager, and is involved in managing administrative processes, the member database and our newsletters, as well as assisting with events, our website and other communications.