Plantations generate large volumes of wood residues which have potential to replace fossil fuels as an energy source, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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The websites below offer some good general and advanced technical knowledge on timber related subjects.


Research organisations

Cyclone Testing Station

FWPA – Forest and Wood Products Australia

Government departments / regulators

ABCB - Australian Building Codes Board

Queensland BCQ - Building Codes Queensland

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Department of Environment and Heritage Protection

Department of Housing and Public Works

Standards Australia

Healthy Waterways


AFPA - Australian Forest Products Association

ATFA - Australian Timber Flooring Association


Timber Development Association

Timber Preservers Association of Australia

EWPAA - Engineered Wood Products Association of Australia

Accredited Queensland Timber Merchant Network

Chain of Custody Certification

AFS - Australian Forestry Standard

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council


Australian Forests

Growing Careers


Forest Learning

Industry Media

Friday Offcuts - Australasian Forest Industry News

The Ultimate Renewable Campaign


Canadian Wood Council

Southern Pine