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Workforce Planning

Addressing the need to attract and retain workers in the Wide Bay region, Timber Queensland is partnering with Jobs Queensland to develop a workforce plan and action-based initiatives for the forest and timber industry through a new state government funded ‘Grow Your Own’ program.

Representatives from employers in the Wide Bay region are meeting regularly to pinpoint and endorse focus areas, assist with gathering information, identify key issues and help find solutions to develop, implement and monitor the regional workforce plan.

This group has been working on developing a Wide Bay forestry industry snapshot, a document that provides an analysis of employment and training trends in the Wide Bay region and forestry-related industries.

This report, produced for Jobs Queensland, aims to support the “Grow Your Own” Regional Workforce Program by identifying workforce challenges in the Wide Bay forestry region. This will inform the development of mechanisms to implement action-based, locally focused and led workforce planning and initiatives. Specifically, it provides an analysis of the employmentand training data and trends within the Wide Bay region and forestry-related industries. It identifies workforce challenges and opportunities.

Grow Your Own Workforce. Region and industry snapshot. 
Wide Bay region and the forestry region.

Jobs Queensland and Timber Queensland will be hosting a forum in Gympie in November bringing together regional and industry stakeholders to present the findings of the snapshot and facilitate discussion to identify strategies and workforce planning actions to be adopted.

The skills and experience Timber Queensland is gaining from working with Jobs Queensland on the Wide Bay ‘Grow Your Own’ program can be applied in other major forest and timber industry regions in Queensland.

This initiative is funded by Jobs Queensland as an action arising from the Good jobs. Good people: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022-2032.