Impacts of the Coronavirus on the building supply chain

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Building Supply Chain & Coronavirus

As of 26 March construction sites are considered an essential service and remain open. Master Builders Queensland has confirmed that the two person limit announced on Sunday 29 March is only relevant to those moving about within the community and does not apply to those going to work (including construction sites). The normal social distancing and hygiene rules apply. 

Queensland Master Builders also report that the impact on the building supply chain in Queensland is already starting to be felt. They say the true impact won’t be known for weeks or possibly even months, but anticipate it will most likely be felt in the second half of 2020. The impact will be felt in both commercial and residential sectors; neither is immune. They have provided some preliminary numbers on the import dependence of the Australian construction industry – including a breakdown of building related materials and where they are predominantly produced.  They have also issued a media release calling for the Federal and State Government to boost the first home owners grant and introduce programs to create opportunities to create demand and work for the residential renovation sector.   

Timber Queensland will be working with allied stakeholders in the building and construction sector to ensure that State and Federal Government put an equal priority on the industry as part of any economic stimulus packages. 

Further information on building industry issues can be found on the Queensland Master Builders website here and the HIA's COVID-19 website here.

Finding it hard to access materials or supplies?

The Queensland Government would like to hear from manufacturers if they are finding it difficult to access vital materials or supplies so they can assist.

To seek help and find a solution, manufacturers can complete a short form at