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  • New project to unlock softwood income stream for graziers

    A new Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) research collaboration led by Timber Queensland will assess the economic merits of combined grazing and commercial tree farming systems compared to traditional forestry and grazing only practices. Read more

  • North Queensland Forestry hub appoints inaugural manager

    A key task will be to look at the opportunities and challenges for the industry going forward, and to prioritise key projects that can help boost industry growth and investment. Read more

  • Check your deck - Timber Queensland Deck Inspection Guide

    Regular deck checks are essential to ensure structural safety, and to ensure risk ensuing from rot, decay, termites, corrosion or other maintenance issues can be managed and rectified. Timber Queensland has prepared this checklist for inspecting timber decks, verandahs and balconies in houses and units. Read more

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